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Originally from the EastCoast in the NJ/Philadelphia areas, artist Kristina Deak is able to conjure up a vivid blend of dark and light art that stems from her own emotional palette of artistry. Using various mediums such as watercolor, paint and mixed media, she creates images which call out to be seen, absorbed and processed from an individual viewpoint.

Now residing in the Kensington area of San Diego, Kristina Deak is displaying her work at both LeStat’s CoffeeHouse in Normal Heights and The Assembly in Hillcrest.

Whether it is the sleek and fashion-forward piece entitled “Peej” which smolders with 1950’s ambiance with it’s vivid hues of sea green and red or the mixed-media darkness that draws the viewer in with her “Black Dahlia In Red” piece, the results are intriguing on many levels. her “Sad French Girl”, which captures a timelessness of longing and romance, has a haunting quality.

Kristina described her connection with these women of her own creation by saying,

“I suppose there is always going to be some preoccupation with the female form in much of my work. Perhaps, because of an awareness of my own female physicality…both in terms of it’s grace and decay over the course of a lifetime.”

There is no “got to keep my day-job attitude” attitude from this artist, and it’s much more than just a career. Remarking on this passion, Kristina declared,

“I made a lot of sacrifices to pay for my college education just so I could say this is what I would do professionally with my life up until the day I die.I can honestly say I have no regrets and my art still saves me to this day. it is far more than a career choice I made. It’s my life’s obsession. Creating is a necessity for me as much as being a self-made millionaire might be for some.”

This mixture of creativity, passion, and beauty along with a talent to inspire others is a priceless value and should be admired. Experience her artistic creations either at LeStat’s or The Assembly this January.

Photo inset – A.) The Peej B.) Black Dahlia In Red – STUDY I C.) Sad French Girl D.) Kristina and Frank

Rage Monthly – January 2008

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